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What’s new for 2017?

2017 has already proven to be a huge year for the team at Abell Point Marina and the future is full with exciting developments. At the start of the year, Lure received a face lift with the balcony ceiling being redesigned to follow the design of the interior arched wooden paneling. Cosmetic changes have been implemented behind the bar and in both the Quadrant and the Sandglass room and the Compass Bar received a little revamp. The venue is once again gleaming and ready for the new wave of weddings and business events we have booked for 2017.

The Abell Point parkway development is progressing well. With sections of the park being grassed and landscaped already and concrete access paths along the marina side of the park being laid, the development is due to be finalized by the end 2017 and will be a huge asset to the Lure offer. With a dedicated space for wedding ceremonies, a sounds stage and relaxation and breakout areas, the park will provide business events delegates and wedding guests with a unique event option to accompany the current Lure offer.

The marina has recently take ownership of one of the restaurants in the south marina village and will this month close for a complete refurbishment. Reopening mid-April as a waterfront restaurant serving modern Australian cuisine, the synergy between Lure and the restaurant will be perfect. For pre or post wedding dinners, business meetings, birthday celebrations and informal lunches, the restaurant will provide another incredible breakout option for those customers with bookings at Lure.

Being located in the heart of the vibrant marina village at Abell Point, gives potential Lure customers a range of event options and even more reasons to choose Lure as their preferred venue in Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays. Keep your eyes on our blog for all the latest updates!

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