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Wedding Planning tips during the “down time”…

Pass the time and get planning…

Are you trying to keep busy during “lockdown”? In need of some #isolationinspiration to keep you excited for the times ahead?

Well, we’ve got plenty of suggestions of how you can pass the time whilst stuck indoors and make the most of the amazing opportunity to knuckle down and fine-tune some wedding planning tasks

Get that check-list out – You’re about to tick a load off!

Get pinning!

If you’re closer to the start of your wedding planning journey, then this is the time to find your inner-bridal-vibe. Prefer beachy and boho? Or are you picturing more elegant and lux? Jump on Pinterest and start getting inspired to find the right style, theme and fit for you.

Select your suppliers

This is the time to start doing all the research and making contact. Believe us, suppliers will be glad to hear from you and happy to chat with you about all your ideas, wants and needs. By doing your research and giving them a call, it’ll hopefully make it so much easier to work out who you click with best and help you assemble your ‘Dream Team’.

Plate of pink and white mini wedding cakes with bows

Get the dull stuff done

Now it’s no cake tasting, but unfortunately they do need to get done. Why not bite the bullet and get them ticked off so you can sit back and get back to the fun stuff. By dull stuff we mean the budget spreadsheet, the guest list, sending the invitations, and… dare we mention it… that dreaded table plan!

Get your DIY on

The favours are such a lovely extra touch, although they can either be expensive to buy, or time consuming to DIY – Well, you’re possibly not short on time, so get your creative side engaged and put your little care packages together. Need some inspiration? Here are a few of our favourites… https://www.theknot.com/content/diy-wedding-favor-ideas

Wedding photo goals!

Now the last thing you want is to FINALLY get your photos back from your photographer after the wedding, sit down to go through it all, only to realise you’ve missed that one family photo with your grandma, or you forgot to ask them to capture your parents seeing you in your dress for the first time. It’s a busy day and these things can easily get forgotten, so it’s worth sitting down and putting together a little list in advance that you can pass on to your photographer.

Wedding Photo of bride and groom with dog at a marina during wedding ceremony

Create a personalized hash tag

Because, well, why not? If you come up with one now, you can use it throughout your wedding planning journey, including hens and bucks, as well as the day itself for you to look back on and reminisce.

Play DJ

Believe it or not, selecting the songs is a bit of a tough one! We think it’ll be easy, picking the aisle song, the first dance, that ultimate party number to end the night on, but chances are it can often be harder than you think. It definitely can’t hurt to get a head start! Why not treat it as a date? Pour the wine, order in a pizza, and stick the music on whilst you narrow down your favs!

Daydream for the honeymoon!

If you haven’t chosen your honeymoon yet, well now is the perfect time to daydream… Are you finding yourself sat at home daydreaming about far off tropical islands or wandering the streets of Paris? Get daydreaming and work out where in the world you’d like to spend your first married holiday.

Hydeaway Bay beach with white sand and palm trees

Hydeaway Bay beach

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