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Tips to choosing the right wedding flowers

20 October 2016

Wedding florals play such a huge role in the styling of your big day. A large part of the decision making process is building a good relationship with your florist and explaining what you really want, but also listening to their feedback on what is possible, depending on time of year and location of your wedding. A great florist will provide alternative suggestions and exceed your expectations on the big day.

Here are some ideas to consider when choosing your wedding flowers:

1. Colours – whether you want your flowers to match the bridesmaids dresses or to make a bold statement about you as a couple, a good starting point for your wedding flowers is to start thinking about colour palette. Once you have a decision on this, your florist will be able to provide suggestions about what is available at the time of year you are getting married, which would suit.

2. Quantity – whether you simply want a bouquet for the bride and button hole for the groom or you want table displays, flowers for all the bridal party and florals throughout ceremony venue and reception, this may have an influence on the type of flower you choose. If you simply wish to have only a bridal bouquet and button hole, then a rare/ unique flower choice might be suitable. If you want flowers everywhere, then a breed which is easy to source and in good supply may be the solution.

3. Breed – who knew there were over 80 different types of Lillies? It’s likely that when you say to your florist, I want lilies, their first response will be ‘’what kind’’. We recommend finding some images of the type of flowers you like – think Instagram, Pinterest for inspiration – and take them to your first meeting with the florist and discuss options available to you. Don’t be disappointed if you cannot have the exact type you wished for, sometimes the alternatives can be even more beautiful and remember the florist knows flowers!

4. After the wedding – many brides ask us, what do I do with my flowers once the big day is over. Our recommendation is give responsibility for the bouquets at the end of the day to mother-of-the-bride. Take them home, hang them upside down in a cool, dry, dark place until the bouquet is completely dry, then buy a gorgeous vase and keep them as a memento of your wedding day, placed next to your favourite wedding photo. Every time you look at those flowers, it should bring back all the wonderful memories of your happy day.

The flowers play such a small part in your big day, but if you get it right they can really make the styling pop. Find the right florist, listen to their recommendations but at the end of the day make the right choice for you and your wedding style.

Happy florals,

From Team Lure

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