Wedding Decor Trends

Wedding Decor Trends

2018 Wedding Decor Trends

1.The chic pairing of Marble and Copper – This modern combo is the “It girl” when it comes to home décor right now, but the chic pairing is beautiful at weddings too.

2.Geometric Shapes –  Balancing sleek geometric shapes with soft flowers and natural elements.

3. Donuts – The doughnut wedding trend has been going strong for a few years now, and we don’t see it going away anytime soon. It’s safe to say that doughnuts will be sticking around as one of the major 2018 wedding trends!

4. Bold Blooms – Oversized arrangements are still a favorite among couples, but we’re seeing more and more designs that break away from the popular soft blush and greenery palette in exchange for brighter, bolder, flowers.

5. Blue Hues – It’s effortles and romantic, not to mention that it looks great when paired with a range of other colors. Choose a light, muted blue tone to incorporate throughout your decor to maintain a modern aesthetic.

6. Balance – Try your best to strike a balance with trends that reflect your personality and traditional elements to keep everything “grounded” and timeless. Finding harmony between the two will ensure that your wedding stands the test of time!

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