Virtual Wedding Guests

Expenses can prevent many guests from going to your destination wedding, but you can help them attend “remotely” by using a Webcam. A Webcam enables the bridal couple to share their day with faraway friends and family. These “virtual” guests witness the event in real time — as it happens — as long as those folks have a computer and Web access.

The Webcam (a digital camera that streams live video over the Internet) is one of the biggest boons to hit destination weddings, reducing any residual guilt a couple may have over getting married far away. From a facility that has a Webcam, your friends and family (and perhaps an ex who just happens to stumble across it) can watch your ceremony on the Internet.

To help guide people how to watch your wedding on a Webcam, you need to e-mail them a link to the Web page that hosts the images and tell them what time to click on the link to watch your wedding live. Be sure to take time differences into account!

If your destination wedding location doesn’t have a Webcam, you can take advantage of the technology by contracting with an outside company to provide this service. Ask a local planner for a recommendation.

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