To favour or not to favour…?

It’s an age-old wedding tradition that has seen a rebirth of late, but with a modern and unique twist. These days’ couples are using their wedding favours as a décor item to tie in with their theme, rather than the traditional sugar coated almonds wrapped in a piece of silk! Handmade favours are also becoming popular, as well as personalized favours with the couple’s name on, that guests can keep as a momento of the special day. Here are a few great wedding favours ideas:

1. Personalised Wedding Votive Candle Holder – pick a holder that suits your décor theme and get your names printed on it with the wedding date. Or go a little less personalized and choose a cute romantic saying to be printed on the holder. That way guests can take them home and use them over again.

2. Heart Shaped Tea Infusers – for the none drinkers amongst you, these gorgeous heart shaped tea infusers are a quirky favour to give to your guests. If your theme is vintage, these will look gorgeous on the tables as a décor item and the tea drinkers (including Great Aunt Lucy!) will be delighted to take these home.

3. Succulent Place Card Holder – if your theme is earthy, natural with lots of greenery and foliage, then this is the perfect table décor item/ wedding favour. Take cuttings from a hardy succulent and place the personalized place card holder in amongst the fronds for your guests to discover when they make their way to your table. They can then take their succulent home, plant is and keep it forever (…. assuming they water it that it!)

4. Personalised Wedding Wine – becoming increasingly more popular as a gift for your wedding guests to take home is personalized wine. There are several companies that specialize in this and they make the perfect personalized labels to be placed on your favour vintage. Guests can take these home, enjoy a glass and think of you!

Whatever you choose to add to your tables as wedding favours or as gifts for your guests to take home there are so many incredible ideas online which will give you inspiration. Remember, don’t stress the guests are there for you and not for the wedding favours!

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