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Coral Sea Marina Resort proudly introduces the CORAL SEA ACADEMY.

The Coral Sea Academy is a new initiative of Coral Sea Marina Resort, providing a series of educational and innovative events that are designed to educate guests, locals and visitors to the Whitsundays about the environment, the Great Barrier Reef, better boating and sustainability.

Welcoming all to dive in, the Coral Sea Academy has been created with a desire to provide an experiential travel encounter that educates, engages and immerses guests with meaningful themes relevant to the wonders of the Whitsunday region.

“Our Coral Sea Academy has been designed to provide educational opportunities for our local community and visiting guests alike. Today’s travellers are looking for a more immersive travel experience and the Whitsunday and Great Barrier Reef regions are perfectly placed to provide an educational travel experience focussing on marine conservation, sustainability and better boating,” explains Coral Sea Marina Resort, general manager, Kate Purdie.

“By providing these free community events at our resort, we hope to encourage more people into the boating community and to actively engage our community in the preservation of our marine environment. All are welcome to attend, and we urge the community to support the Coral Sea Academy.”

After a series of highly successful environmental workshops during the Great Barrier Reef Festival in August, the next event on the calendar focussed on a topic close to everyone’s hearts – the protection and preservation of the Great Barrier Reef.

Last Sunday the team from Great Barrier Reef Legacy provided an informal information session and meet and greet at marina venue, The Garden Bar Bistro.

The Great Barrier Reef Legacy are innovative leaders in collaborative coral reef research expeditions, education, stewardship and multi-media engagement. As a non-for-profit social enterprise, Great Barrier Reef Legacy was created to address the urgent need to secure the long-term survival of the Great Barrier Reef and coral reefs world-wide.

Their core vision is one which resonates strongly with Coral Sea Marina Resort, working towards “a world where the future of rich, diverse and healthy coral reefs is assured”. Those who attended the event had a chance to find out more about what Great Barrier Reef Legacy do and how they can also join the cause.

“It was just fantastic to meet so many passionate people about the reef and the Whitsundays region, and there are so many synergies between here and Port Douglas where we call home”, says Dr Dean Miller from Great Barrier Reef Legacy of last week’s event.

“Both regions have fantastic initiatives to improve not only reef health but of course, tourism as both are intricately linked. The hospitality we received here was outstanding and we really look forward to creating genuine collaborations and relationships with operators and organisations to further improve reef health education and community engagement”.

Looking to the future, more can be expected from the Coral Sea Academy.

For avid sailors and boating enthusiasts, there will be events promoting better boating practices and safety at sea, as well as sessions aimed to specifically promote ‘women on the water’. For any ‘eco warriors’ out there, workshops are being created to provide information on the health of the reef, purging plastics from the Whitsunday region, and sustainable travel and tourism.

The Coral Sea Academy looks forward to bringing The Flying Scientists to the region in October, a program that looks to engage rural Queensland communities in science and sustainability where local schools are invited to be inspired and educated.

The Coral Sea Academy is another step towards Coral Sea Marina Resort’s vision to become a true destination of choice in which all are invited to stay, play and explore the heart of the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef.

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