Mainland vs Island Wedding

14 February 2017

When you think of the Whitsundays, what are the first things you think of – palm trees, white sandy beaches, tropical islands, relaxed lazy days in endless sunshine? Well you would be correct, we have all of those and we have much more!

If you are trying to decide whether to host your destination wedding at an island resort or on the Whitsunday coast mainland, there are a few factors which are worth considering:

1. Choice – all bride’s-to-be are looking for choice. Choice of venue, choice of food, choice of florist, choice of décor, choice of transport, choice of accommodation, as with choice becomes the ability to make savings and spend the hard-earned money you have saved for your wedding how you wish to. Whilst the island weddings offer brides-to-be an element of choice, this could well come with a price as they traditionally add a mark-up on all third-party suppliers coming to the island. Mainland weddings come with mainland choice at mainland prices.

2. Access – whilst being marooned with your partner-to-be on a deserted tropical island sounds incredibly romantic and like something out of a movie, the reality is unless you wish to spend endless hours by the pool, then hosting your wedding on the mainland offers better access to a range of activities all within our tropical Whitsunday paradise. From shopping, to dining, from spas to leisure activities, the mainland offers a wide range of leisure activities and will most definitely keep you and your wedding party entertained.

3. Beaches & Palm Trees – if you are looking for a little recreational adventure either side of the wedding, lounging on a beach under a shady palm tree is just as possible on the mainland as on the islands. You can either choose to do a day trip to Whitehaven Beach, or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef or you can hire a car and explore the Whitsunday coast hinterland where you can easily escape the beaten track, the hoards of tourists and find your own little piece of paradise.

4. Family & Friends – you obviously have chosen the Whitsundays as your wedding destination, the next step is to get all your family and friends to commit to attending the big day. Whilst the accommodation on the islands is wonderful, there is a limited choice for all budgets and requirements. Hosting a wedding on the mainland gives our guests a range of accommodation options ranging from caravan parks, to bed and breakfasts, to self-catering apartments and deluxe resorts, this will not only encourage all your friends and family to attend, but also provide affordable options for loved ones so they too can be part of your big day.

Why not have the best of both worlds, get married on the mainland and then spend a few days honeymooning on one of the 74 Whitsunday islands.

Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed with your Whitsunday wedding!

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