Floral Crowns

Fashionable florals – be a floral queen for the day!

We all dreamed of being a princess in our younger years. The latest in floral trends allows us to be just that for one special day. Floral crowns are fast becoming a regular on the wedding scene and more recently the hen party scene also. Even more appealing is the fact you can incorporate the crown making process into your hen party celebrations and use it as the perfect downtime to bond with your favourite people before the big day.

Picture an afternoon with you best friends and family, sipping on cocktails and making your own flora crowns under the guidance of a professional florist. Whether you are heading off somewhere exotic for your Hens celebrations or are staying closer to home, florist Australia wide have picked up on this kooky trend and are developing hen packages to make your queen dreams come true.

In the Whitsundays, our fabulous local florist The Flower Hut, offers a similar package where their florist will come to your home or holiday accommodation and bring with them a range of flowers, foliage, twine and all the other bits and bobs needed to create a fabulous floral crown. What better accompaniment to any outfit that a gorgeous floral crown!

Gone are the days of cheesy coordinating dress up outfits – think nurses, sailors, rock stars, hoola skirts and coconut bikinis – and in their place the classier alternative of a stylish outfit complete with floral head adornment. Some hen parties choose to coordinate outfit colour, whites or pastels always look great when worn together or others just let their guests dress to impress and enjoy the bonding experience of making the crowns in the afternoon, then heading out for cocktails, dinner and to dance the night away.

Whatever you choose for your Hens celebrations, whether low key or all-out party, what a unique and entertaining experience for all your Hens than to spend the afternoon together crafting the crown of your dreams. For all of us who dreamed big when we were young of being a princess, this may well be the closest to a queen we ever get! For more information contact Flower Hut Whitsunday.

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