Colorful fireworks of various colors over night sky

Event Fireworks

Want to add something truly unforgettable to your event or wedding celebration?

Professional wedding firework displays are more affordable today than every before.  There are, however, various factors that will affect the price of your firework display.

The longer the firework display the more expensive it will be.  A display of five to 10 minutes will be enough to delight your guests without costing a fortune. It’s better to have a short, high-quality display, than a longer one with fewer simultaneous sequences.

The more complex and spectacular the firework display, the more expensive it will be and, if you’ve got the budget to afford them, great! However, if you’re on a limited budget, ask your pyrotechnics team to see what they can give you for your allocated budget.

Most suppliers of wedding fireworks have standard displays that come at a fixed price. Having a customised display, such as one that only uses the colours of your wedding theme, may be beautiful but it will generally be pricier.


Wedding firework displays are often booked as a surprise for the couple, perhaps by a close friend or relative. Most pyrotechnic companies will work with the venue to stage a surprise display, and will use unmarked vehicles when setting up, so if you’ve got surprise fireworks in mind, either for a couple or for your new spouse, be sure to mention this to your supplier – so they don’t blow the surprise.

Make sure you have a permit!

QLD Regulations

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