DIY Wedding Trends

More and more couples are creating ‘DIY’ weddings where small elements such as favours, place cards, and invitations  are made by hand.

This is a another simple way for a couple stick to their budgets and to infuse their personality and story into their wedding.  It’s on-trend and allows couples to move away from the old-fashioned ‘cookie-cutter’ style wedding.  Here are some creative examples:

  • DIY wooden wedding arch decorated with fabric and garden flowers.  Later this can be used as a feature in your own garden minus the fabric of course.
  • DIY succulent centrepieces in recycled planters.  These can double as guest gifts.
  • DIY wedding program/fans.  A great idea for outdoor ceremonies.
  • DIY seating plan.  Have your guests send in their favourite photo of themselves.  Use the photos for the seating plan rather than a list of names.
  • DIY framed chalkboard menu.  Saves in printing one for every guest!

On a larger scale, how about a self catered wedding.

Think about food options that can be prepared ahead of time (at least two days) in large batches. The day before your wedding should be reserved for R & R and maybe tending to a couple last-minute details—but not slaving away in the kitchen. You could also pick a food station that’s easily assembled, like tacos or pre-bottled drinks, gather the materials a few days ahead of the wedding and ask an attendant or friends to put it together for the reception.


From helping you uncover your natural talents to pointing you toward your values and passions, DIY-ing is a revealing way to find out what matters most to you. Plus, DIY projects offer a great way to express your personality.

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