Corporate Retreat

Corporate Retreats

Contrary to popular belief, corporate retreats are not just for team building and enhancing work relationships, they are also for improving morale, strategizing and creating a working environment that can give your team a boost.

  1. Know the Goal – Knowing the goal of the retreat is the first foundation of planning and can allow you to organise the perfect retreat.
  2. Cater to Personalities – Everyone is different and you will undoubtedly have both introverts and extroverts on your team and while a retreat is exciting for the latter, the former can dread it.
  3. Technology – Even if you plan to relax you will still require WIFI, AV equipment etc. ensure that you check the venue and destination for their tech specifications before booking!
  4. Include Downtime – Arrange for guests to see the sights, shop or visit the local nightlife – it will pay off in the boardroom later.
  5. Packages – Seek out corporate packages that include transfers, catering and facilities.
  6. Create an Agenda – Creating an agenda is essential and communicating this to attendees before you travel is key to success as it not only allows them to pack accordingly but also mentally prepare as well.

A corporate retreat doesn’t have to drain the budget but it does have to be productive and also motivational for the attendees so don’t forget about the work aspect.

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