Abell Point Marina

Conference activities with a twist!

14 November 2016

Being located in the gateway to the Whitsundays, the scope for group activities or team-building exercises in the local region is vast. Whether you want to provide an afternoon of relaxation after a couple of days in the boardroom or you want to bring the team together to achieve a common goal, here are our suggestions for unique conference activities:

  • Yacht Racing – depending on the size of the conference and number of delegates, we recommend getting the team out on the water and testing their sailing skills. Many of the bareboat charter companies or commercial operators, based in the marina, will happily hire their vessels with crew for the day, allowing groups to race against each other, ensuring the team works together to sail the vessel around a dedicated course. Offer a suitable prize to really get the competitive juices flowing
  • Ice Breaker Activity – Two truths and a lie is an all time favourite! Divide people into smaller groups (5-10) and ask them to take turns telling (or writing down) three things about themselves – two true and one false. The group then guesses which one is false by asking additional questions related to the statements. In the end, participants vote which statements were true and which were lies. Repeat with all the other group members.
  • Beach Olympics – head down to Shingley Beach adjacent to Abell Point Marina and set up your own beach Olympics. This informal activity will add a lighter side to the conference and will get everyone working together as a group. From races, relays, to sandcastle building competitions make the activities as basic or complicated as you like, but watch the team work flourish.
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding – take some time out to relax after a full morning in the conference room, escort the delegates to Shingley Beach and hire paddle boards for a couple of hours. Add a competitive twist by setting up races or relays, or simple let people explore the beach foreshore at their own leisure.
  • Treasure Hunt – using the Bicentennial Boardwalk as the route for the treasure hunt, set out a number of clues and divide the groups into teams. The delegates will get to enjoy the afternoon out on the Whitsunday water-front whilst working together to find the treasure. A team building exercise suitable for all levels of fitness and a perfect way to explore the Whitsundays.

The team at Lure are more than happy to put you in touch with a range of suppliers who can assist with developing some incredible Whitsunday conference activities. Having happy, relaxed delegates paves the way for innovative thinking and the building of new business relationships, which is almost guaranteed to turn into future success.

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