Terry Hawkins

An Evening with Terry Hawkins

Save the date! 24th March 2018.

Whitsunday Coast Chamber of Commerce bring you an evening with Terry Hawkins. Book your tickets now!!

There are only two times in life, NOW & TOO LATE!

In this dynamic and interactive presentation, Terry Hawkins will take you on a journey of self-discovery that is quite often described as life changing! Motivation, desire and passion are NOT enough to create results – in her renowned style, humor and talent for shifting people to action, Terry will give the elusive missing links to ensure we achieve the results we are looking for.

Her natural and engaging style inspires people to discover the ‘blocks’ that inhibit their success. Rather than give a lightweight, feel good session you will be amazed as you watch her effortlessly offer powerful, long lasting strategies in a simplistic, captivating manner. Terry will give the answers and provide an experience that will positively alter the way you think and feel about life!

If you want to roar with laughter, have intense learning, embrace life changing techniques and create outstanding results AFTER the event, join us for a sunset seminar with Terry Hawkins for NOW & TOO LATE!

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