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5 tips for a nautically themed wedding

19 August 2016

Since Lure is perfectly located at Abell Point Marina with breath-taking views over the whole marina and Whitsunday Islands, what better wedding venue to add a little nautical theme to your wedding day.

Many modern romantic tales, involve a connection to the ocean – the couple worked together on a boat when they first met, they sailed together when they were children or their first date was a boating trip out to the islands, these stories of love are all too common. So, what better way to celebrate that connection to the ocean, than by adding some nautical inspiration to your wedding day.

Here are our top 5 tips for a nautically themed wedding:

  1. Tying the knot – as you will be literally ‘tying the knot’, then why not symbolize this with a knot tying ceremony. Whilst sand and flower ceremonies are relatively common, becoming increasingly popular are knot tying ceremonies. We love the idea of adding this sailor’s tradition to a nautically themed wedding and tying a simple knot together as part of your ceremony has a unique and quirky feel.
  2. Add a splash of blue – white and blue are synonymous with the sea, sailing and all things marine. Whilst blue might not be a traditional wedding theme colour, a blue napkin, a blue name place card or a splash of blue in your bouquet could be the perfect link with your nautical theme.
  3. Barefoot on a boat – arrive to Lure in style on your own private yacht. Kick off your shoes and relax before the ceremony with your bridal party. The team at Lure can assist with providing contacts for some of the gorgeous private yachts berthed at Abell Point Marina, allowing you to make the entrance of a lifetime.
  4. Photo-shoot on a yacht – what better way to embrace a nautical theme, than staging some wedding photos on a sailing yacht. Whether it be docked in the marina or under sail on the aqua Whitsunday waters, a wedding shoot on a yacht will be sure to deliver wedding photos which will be a talking point for many years to come.
  5. Groomsman boat shoes – whether the groomsmen are going to be suited up or casually attired, a coordinating boat shoe could add that nautical pop to any outfit. Whether you chose a bold, standout colour or go with the traditional navy/ tan, what a great way to get the guys involved with your nautical theme!

Whether you choose to go all out with the nautical theme, or add a subtle touch of the sea, we wish fair winds and calm seas to all.

Fair winds,

Team Lure

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